Classic Pure White LED String Lights 3m


Fairy Lights

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Classic Pure White LED String Lights 3m

Superior Quality LED String Lights

  • Setting – Steady only
  • Pure White
  • 30 LED Lights
  • Clear wire & clear battery pack
  • Takes 2 x AA Batteries (NOT Supplied)

*The Classic Battery Operated LED Light Strings we all know them & love their versatility.

*Perfect for indoor or/and outdoor functions, middle of the venue, on table, suspended decor from the ceiling … your imagination can do the rest.


How to care for your Fairy Lights:


  • Please ensure the correct type of batteries are used
  • Please make sure they are inserted correctly.  +/- connections are matched up
  • To provide the maximum length of light up time, Imaginate recommends the use of good quality batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries can be used but remember they do hold as much power as an alkaline battery – about 70% & will not offer the same amount of light up time.
  • Nor will cheap Chinese batteries which are also prone to leakage
  • All Light up times are approximate & can not be guaranteed
  • If using pre-used batteries remember how long they were previously used for / how long they are needed to light up for for this time and that the light will not be so bright for so long
  • Please ensure batteries are removed when not in use
  • Always gently remove batteries to avoid damaging the connector springs & points
  • The warranty becomes nil & void if batteries leak  & no replacements or returns will be offered

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Lighting Options

3m Pure White


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