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Winter Special on our Sugar Skull Products:

We recently ran an amazing, rocking Birthday “Give Away” Competition.

So many of you wanted to get your hands on this super prize and unfortunately, only 1 lucky person could win it!

Your heart is probably shattered…..don’t disperse!

We are still in a giving mode and have discounted all our Sugar Skull Designs until the end of July, yes, you read right, THE END OF JULY.


So take your time, but not too long, you don’t want to miss this amazing deal, to warm your heart.


Decorating your house with sugar skulls can be just visually appealing or it can have a deeper meaning. If you want to keep the original sugar skull meaning you could build small “shrines” with sugar skull home decor to remember deceased loved ones. Western countries don’t have this kind of holiday, but we can pay homage to this beautiful tradition and try to respect it as much as we can.


The Meaning Behind Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

The symbol is a commemoration of the person you are honoring whether dead or alive. That’s why you don’t have to wait for someone to pass to offer them a sugar skull; you can give one as a gift on Day of the Dead as a sweet reminder that death is the only thing guaranteed in this life or in the words of my mother “la calavera es un símbolo de la muerte, lo único seguro en la vida.”